How To Become A Massage Therapist

Did you ever wonder what massage therapists do? Massage therapists use body manipulation to provide relaxation towards the body as well as your brain. These therapists concentrate on the muscles, joints, connective tissues as well as your skin by using pressure. The massage might help stimulate healthy functioning from the body. At the moment, there are plenty of massage styles available and agreed to the general public. The therapists usually use their hands or elbows however, many other designs necessitate using foot. Techniques of therapeutic massage include reflexology, trigger point therapy, Thai and Swedish massage.

So, you now actually want to be a massage therapist? You should know that we now have several requirements to become massage therapist. First, you’ll need a senior high school diploma. Should you currently have the very first requirement, you are able to locate a therapeutic massage school. You have to ensure that your massage school is accredited by Commission on Therapeutic massage Accreditation. A lot more than 100 therapeutic massage schools happen to be accredited through the said organization. After you have chosen a suitable school, you have to get ready for the coursework. The college will give you specialized training. You’ll study anatomy and physiology same goes with come with an extensive understanding of the body. You should know each organ system and tissue plus almost all their functions. Kinesiology or even the science of human movements may also be tackled. This subject provides you with the needed understanding of human motion and also the physics from the body. Pathology, the research and proper diagnosis of disease, may also be studied. Obviously, background and professional ethics is going to be contained in the coursework. Generally, you ought to be capable of getting your certificate in under a year. Should you currently have a piece of paper, you may also attend training classes. Associate of Occupational Studies is definitely an illustration of a diploma program that can serve as training for massage therapists.

Which side you’re employed? Massage therapists are employed in different settings. You might decide to work with health clinics, sports centers, nursing facilities, spas or hotel. You may also work with Chiropractors or Physiotherapists. One interesting to notice is the fact that most massage therapists are employed in private practice. Which means that they’re self-employed or independent contractors. If you’re fitness instructor self-employed, you’ll need a strong foundation running a business. You have to study accounting, finance as well as tax laws if you wish to start your personal business.

The next question could possibly be: Would there be work with me? Yes, obviously! This career is forecasted to develop faster within the upcoming years.

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Massage in Vientiane, Laos

I just came back from a trip to Vientiane in Laos – and there are many massage shops, particularly in the town center. The prices are very low, you can get a one hour massage starting around 25000 Kib (around $3), and maybe even cheaper if you look around more – for which I didn’t have the time.

But I’m not really someone who likes cheap massages – I am someone who likes GOOD cheap massages. And that’s a different. There are plenty of places all over the world where you can get cheap massages, but it’s those kind of “you get what you pay for” places, and in the end, you’re mostly happy when you’re through with it.

And rest assured, there are places like that in Vientiane too, and I’m gonna get to that a bit later. But for now, I want to talk about the GREAT massages I got there.

Vista Wifi Cafe is directly in the heart of the tourist centre, and there you can get a 1h oil massage for 35000 kib – and it’s great. My masseuse was “Mimi” (or Meme?). Small girl, very strong hands. Her movements are rather fast and hefty, not the slow gentle kind of oil massage – and usually I don’t like that. BUT in case of Mimi, I absolutely did like it – it was intense at just the right points, and afterwards I always felt great.

You can also use the internet in that cafe for free when you get a massage.

Then, there is another place just down the road (in direction of the river), on the same side of the street. I think it’s “Dao” massage? The prices here are rather upscale, and so is the clientel. Upscale by Laotian standards I should say though – a foot massage for 45000 kib. It’s located in a nice wooden teak house – at least the part upstairs.  The foot massage was good, but not awesome. The woman didn’t speak a word of English, was around 50 and rather reserved. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate her foot massage skills at 6. Given the prices, I’m not going to go for a foot massage again.

Another place is called “Happy Land”, and they do traditional massage. It’s a rather weird place I must say. When you walk in, it’s a cafe/bar. The reception ladies wear heavy makeup. I was kind of wondering whether this is a special massage place. I requested a massage, and a unhappy looking woman came out and brought me to a place to wash my feet and then into the massage room. She seemed to have a cold and was constantly coughing. The massage was… well, I got up early, paid the 40000 kib and walked away.

Then there is another massage shop in Rue Setthathilath, at the western end of it. Outside, you can see a mutlicolor neon-lit sign that says massage, and when you walk inside, it’s a rather dingy and choatic looking place. The reception woman was friendly though, and guided me inside the room were old massage mats where laid out, separated by think makeshift walls from each other. She started to massage me. The aircondition was too cold, but they couldn’t – or wouldn’t – adjust it. In the middle of the massage, she walked out and said that she had a headache to one of hear colleagues, who then continued to massage me rather mechanically and with an obvious lack of interest in her work – she seemed to just watch the time. I don’t remember exactly how much for the massage, I think 40000 kib.

On Rue Samsenthai, in the vicinity of Rue Chao Anou and Boulevard Khounboulom, not far from a small gas station, there was another massage place, but the sign read “MASSAGE & KARAOKE”, and I skipped that. I guess this is a sexy massage shop in Vientiane.

And then there was another place somewhere around Rue Samsenthai where I got a foot massage for 45000 kib. The shop was nice and clean, the staff very friendly, and the massage was good.

Here’s also a promotional video from Champa massage – I haven’t been there, but look for yourself to get an impression of the place.

The traditional Laotian massage is kind of similar to traditional Thai massage, although a bit less “hard” I’d say.

Update from February 25, 2011:

I’ve been to Vientiane again. This time, I went to another shop that is near HomeIdeal. When you’re walking out of the corner entrance of HomeIdeal, and you walk down towards the Mekong river, it’s on the right side of the street after about just 20 meters or so.

The staff is very friendly and chatty, young and pretty and in good spirits, but the massages are not of the best quality. It’s a good place to go if you’ve got the “lonely blues” and just want to kid around and chat with the locals a bit, but if you want a relaxing foot massage (which was what I tried) I’d rather skip this place.

The price of 50000 kib (around $6.20 USD) doesn’t help to increase the value you get for your money either.

Another place you can try is directly by the Mekong river on Quai Fa Ngum Road, nearly the Minimart and the LV City Riverine. There are actually two places directly next to each other.

One is a fancy looking, big money spa type feeling massage salon, and the other one is a cheap looking massage salon.

And in this case, you really do get a lot better massages at the fancy looking one. I forgot the name. A foot massage is around 50000 kib I think, but they do it very good, the surroundings are nice and you just feel comfortable and relaxed.

The shop right next to it, the one that’s looking really cheap has a lower price – I think 35000 kib for a foot massage. But the quality of the massage is so-so. My masseuse was: a) rather unmotivated and seemed to focus more on the passing of time rather than an actually good foot massage and b) sick. She had a cold and was constantly sniffing and sneezing. In my opinion, a shop owner shouldn’t let staff like work in this condition, and a good massage therapist should know not to work when feeling like that too.

How Much to Tip For a Massage

The following article by Nick McDonald I just wanted to share with you, because I get asked about it quiet often. If you ever have gotten a massage, you probably wondered about what an appropriate amount for tipping is. Also, it quiet often depends upon whether you get a massage in a spa, hotel, or a private practice, or get a massage therapist to visit you in your home to massage you there.

So, without further redo, here the article:

Tipping is an unusual experience. You pay for a services then after it is completed you are expected to pay and unspoken amount more. This brings up the question, when should you tip and when shouldn’t you tip? If tipping for a service is customary then should you tip for every service?

The answer is no. In my opinion you should only tip for services were interaction with a person brings the desired outcome. For example, I don’t tip when I get my oil changed because I wait in a waiting room the whole time. The only time I talk to someone is when I pay. On the other hand, I do tip when I am in a restaurant where I have to interact with a waiter. That interaction is what results in me getting my food cooked to my liking and a good dining experience.

So the question is, should you tip when getting a massage? My answer is yes. A great massage is the result of the interaction between you and your masseuse. They tailor the massage to fit your needs.

So how much is customary? This can vary from person to person but I tend to tip 15%, and if I really loved it I tip 20%. 15% is pretty standard in the service industry and is most notably used in the restaurant world. So if I pay $75 for a massage then I would generally tip 11-15 dollars depending how much I liked it.

I’ve never hated a massage before, but I have gotten some that weren’t great. In those instances I usually tip around $5. I always like to tip even if it wasn’t great, because the masseuse obviously put out the effort and it wasn’t her fault that she wasn’t right for me. Next time I just don’t see that masseuse again.

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Article Source:

I hope you found this useful. And if you ever want to get a massage in Pasadena, you might well check out Nick’s offer :-)

Massage: What to Look for When Planning a Massage

Massages are a great way to unwind, relieve stress and relax.

Many people find them helpful for sports related injuries, stiff joints, fibromyalgia, and other physical ailments too. There are so many places now offering massages and so many types of massage styles that it can get confusing.

The first question to ask yourself is what type of massage experience you want. Do you want a pampering and tranquil setting where you can relax even after the massage is done? You may consider going to a spa with massage services.

If you have an injury or a specific medical issue, make sure to call the spa and ask if their masseuses have any experience with those conditions.

If you want a shorter, more targeted massage or prefer therapeutic massages, many sports therapy clinics and physical rehabilitation centers either offer massage or can recommend a masseuse.

Tired and stressed after a long flight? Some airports have massage kiosks near terminals! As for the types of massages available, there are far too many to cover here. Some of the most popular types are: Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Shiatsu massage, and Sports massage.

Swedish massage is generally the most well known type of massage, and is what most people envision when they think of “massage.” It stimulates the blood flow and lymph system by using long, even strokes with medium pressure.

Deep Tissue message is related to the Swedish massage and uses the same type of strokes, but with harder pressure and a more localized focus. This type of massage is good for tense muscles, muscle knots and stiff joints.

Shiatsu massage is originally from Japan and relies on “acupressure.” Pressure on a specific acupuncture point is held for several seconds before the practitioner moves onto the next point. These are supposed to be very relaxing and generally cause no soreness the next day.

Sports massage is mainly for people who are physically active, but also for people who have stretched or strained a muscle and people who have a decreased range of movement. This type of massage focuses on stretching and improving range of movement while also preventing sports injuries.

Erotic Massage Confessions

Ok, this is a bit more of an “massage confession”. One of our readers sent this in…

In my younger days I was extremely interested in females: more specifically the naked female form.

I wasn’t the kind of person girls wanted to date, but everyone wanted to be my friend. College life is very stressful and people became agitated, uneasy and tense easily.

I’m almost ashamed to say I began using my understanding of females, their trust in me and their circumstances to gain access into areas a ‘friend’ would normally be denied. Males and females have always come to me for advice and just to vent because I’m a good listener. Whenever I could tell a female friend was tense and if conditions were right I would tell them how tense they were and begin massaging their neck and back.

They always got relief and left much less tense than when they had arrived. Following up on that, I would later suggest to them I could melt away all of their tension with a full body massage. I always planned the massage for the weekend no matter how busy or truly stressed out they were. Weekends provide the most uninterrupted time available as everyone has either gone home or has plans on campus such as a party.

That being said, I would offer the young lady a glass of wine to make her comfortable and then hand her a towel and point her to the men’s shower. I promised to keep anyone and everyone out and nobody ever declined. While they were in the shower I prepared some massage oil mixed with KY jelly for the silky texture.

After her shower and the oil was hot from being held under the hot water we went back to the dorm room. This time to calm myself down, we both had a glass of wine. I had a single room and a loft. I had her climb the ladder to get up on the loft and told her to lay down on her back. I lit a few candles, and turned out all the lights., placed the oil on the loft and climbed up myself.

I turned on some mix of ballads I had made on tape and after warming my hands I would say something comforting and apologized. Usually she would ask what for and that’s when I would reach under her shoulders and removed the towel. Placing both hands in the oil I began to massage her back.

After the first moan I asked her if she wanted to be awakened after I was done. Only a few actually fell asleep but most stayed the night because it was far to comfortable to move. I was a gentleman because losing their trust or friendship would have hurt me beyond belief. I kneaded and pressed, rubbed and massaged their flesh and took great care in giving every part of their body the attention it required.

I paid close attention not to get close to her pubic area or her nipples but I did pay close attention to her buttocks because we spend so much time sitting and nobody ever told me if they minded as I separated each cheek and kneaded the flesh as if it was dough. Depending how she looked of how I may have felt about her, I would ask if I could turn this full body massage into an erotic massage.

If given permission I would exercise my right to touch nipples and the vaginal area, always being erotic and sensual but never sexual. I did however learn that woman can have an orgasm from just having their nipples massaged. Most of my friend came back on a regular basis, but after the first time, they didn’t usually feel a shower was necessary.

Because I knew where I wanted my hands to travel, I insisted, but I allowed them to shower at their own dormitory. Apart from their backs most admitted the part they enjoyed have massaged the most was their buttocks. I always required that they drink a full glass of room temperature water to remove the toxins that massaging muscles releases into their blood stream.

Massage Experience – What did she mean ‘Take care of me?’

I blundered into my third class of the day, my shoulders aching and my head wobbling. I had pulled another late night…and the worst kind. This was the kind where I had fallen asleep in my rickety old desk chair and had pulled muscles in my sleep. I barely made it to my desk, I was so sore…and once seated, I was unable to think about anything but getting up again and returning to my room for some advil.

Class was impossible to focus on. Out of two hours and forty-five minutes of class, I spent an hour and fifteen minutes wishing I was dead. But out of nowhere, I received a tap on the shoulder, and little did I know, this tap would change my entire day into something wonderful.

It was a girl, someone I routinely asked for help with homework, and someone who could tell I was not myself today. “Are you tense?” She asked.

“Tense?” I replied, “Understatement of the year.” – “Want me to take care of it for you?”

I didn’t know how to take a statement like that…take care of it how? But in the midst of my thought process, I winced as another twinge of pain went shooting through my shoulder. My answer slipped out. “Yes, please!” Without another word, she positioned herself behind me and dug her hands into my shoulders.

For a second, it hurt like nothing I’d ever known. But after that second…oh, it was the most relaxing feeling in the world. A wave of relief passed over me. I didn’t know this girl particularly well, however, let it be known, I could’ve kissed her at the time.

She dug deeper into my shoulders and upper back, popping a few unhinged joints back into place, and relaxing them once they were there. Where once my skin felt like a prison, I was beginning to consider it a well-stretched blanket now.

Slowly, I sank into my seat. I was almost afraid I would sigh too loud with satisfaction and be reprimanded by the professor. By the time the girl had made her way to my neck, I was willing to trust her with my darkest secrets. That was the power of a massage for me…and, I have to assume, for anyone who dislikes sore shoulders. Suddenly, the class bell rang.

I jolted up in my chair…what? How could an hour and a half have elapsed in the fifteen seconds I wasn’t paying attention? The girl ceased her massage and began to pack up her books. Suddenly, the dream ended, and I had crashed into the hard, bitter ground of reality.

But my shoulders, my neck, and my back were so relaxed and relieved that I felt I could go several more miles without even feeling a sting. I turned to the girl. She smiled at me, as apparently my eyes had said it all. “Yea, sure, no problem. That’s what massages are for,” She said, without me saying anything.

She packed up and left. I remained sitting in my chair for a few moments, and then got up, put my things into my bag, and got up to leave myself. Who was the girl? Well, I was anxious to find that out myself.

But what she did for me gave me the energy to continue my day.

If you, dear reader, have never had a massage to soothe your aches and pains…allow me to be the first to tell you, it’s heaven on earth. Almost enough so to inspire some even later nights, just to serve as an excuse for some massages in the future! Never pass up an opportunity if it presents itself.

Benefits of Massage

Over at eMaxHealth they wrote a piece of the benefits of receiving a professional massage…

Here’s some take-away benefits:

  • massage has been documented back to 2700 B.C.
  • a good massage can alleviate back pain
  •  enhance immune system
  • exercise weak muscles
  • increase flexibility
  • lessen depression
  • improve circulation
  • relieve tension
  • increase energy

The article also describes different massage techniques. Although it seems to try to sell some kind of automatic massager, which I haven’t really made good experiences with myself.

Dreaming Of A Professional Massage

One of our readers from a small American town wrote us about her first-time ever massage experience, and that until this very day she hasn’t gotten around to paying for a professional massage. I think after she read the last article on saving money on a professional massage she might changed that :-)

I’ve always dreamed about what a professional massage would be like, but I’ve never had the money to spend on such extravagant services.

Being from a small farm town and a hard working family I never grew up with those luxuries. My family wasn’t very fancy and everything we were taught was to just be simple. Aches and pains were just normal part of life and massages were just not part of the equation growing up.

My husband on the other hand, was from a very different family life style. He grew up in a big city, with services galore. He’d frequent the Turkish baths for all sorts of services including massages. Pampered and spoiled he had the luxuries that not everyone got to experience.

We were two people from two different worlds. When I met my husband, we hit it off right away. My first taste of a massage was several months into dating when he’d rub my back. I never had that before and the kneading and pressure felt wonderful. The smell of the oils was delightful and I was lost and away from reality for those moments.

I was hooked.

After that I tried all sorts of cheap gadgets. I bought and spent hard working money on vibrating massagers, but they didn’t do the trick. All they did was bounce up and down and make noise.

I also tried massaging chairs at the furniture stores and in the malls, but they were not the same as well. They felt nicer than the vibrating massagers, but it wasn’t the same experience as when my husband did it.

There were no sweet oils, just leather, how unromantic. The only thing that does the trick for me is my husband. I still dream of what a professional service would be like, but I can’t bring myself to spend a hundred or more dollars just to get a little relief in my sore back. But I love massages all the same, even if it isn’t by a professional.

My First Professional Massage

One of our readers sent in this great story about her first massage experience, it makes a really good read. If you also have a story about massage to share, just write down a comment below.

Up until last year, I had never had a professional massage. I had always wanted one, but could not afford to purchase one.

One day, while shopping at a local mall, I saw a new concept store had opened and they were advertising free 15 minute upper body massages. My partner and I went in immediately.

We had to wait a few minutes for the masseuse to finish with his current customer, and then it was my turn. I sat down in the massage chair, facing forward with my knees and arms resting on the pads and my face on the head rest.

I was very surprised by how comfortable this position was, especially because I am overweight and the chair looked like something from a middle ages dungeon.

The massage lasted 15 minutes and it was the most comfortable experience of my life. The masseuse did not talk to me other than to introduce himself. He started with my hands, then arms, shoulders, upper back/neck area, and ended with a scalp massage.

By the time he was done, I felt like an overcooked noodle. I was SO relaxed. I have never in my life felt like that.

At the end, I sat in a chair and waited while my partner got her massage. I rested my head back and closed my eyes. I had nothing on my mind except how good I felt both physically and mentally.

I have since gone back a few times and paid for the massage with this same masseuse. They only charge $25.00 for 15 minutes and it is more than worth that amount of money.

The masseuse has helped me to truly get the tension and stress out of my neck and head, where it seems to settle after a while.

I suffer from panic and anxiety disorder and these massages have helped me in more ways than one. I feel so relaxed after the massages and that feeling is something I very rarely feel, as I am always on edge.

All I can say is that massage has changed my life in little bits and pieces ever since that first freebie!

Tips and Tricks for Saving Money on Massages

Do you feel like getting a massage but it’s just too expensive? In this article you’re going to discover some easy ways to get very low-cost but professional massages that everybody can afford.

Everybody enjoys a good massage. Massage has been shown to relieve stress, help improve circulation, and ease muscle soreness and tension.

Human touch has long been thought to be an aspect of healing left out of our current medical environment.

So you know massage is good for you, but what about the price? Some health insurance companies may offer a discount on massage therapy, but few if any actually cover it as a service.

With the average hour long massage costing upwards of $60, finding the money for regular massages can be difficult. That’s where this article comes in. Read on for some money saving ideas.

Massage Schools

Massage Schools Massage schools are one of the hidden gems of the massage therapy world. Massage therapists have to go through a rigorous training and certification program to practice as a licensed massage therapist in most locations.

Advanced students need people to refine their skills on. Many massage schools offer student clinics where the advanced students perform massages on clients under the supervision of a massage therapy instructor. The massages are usually offered at a steep discount or for free. My favorite massage school offers hour long massages for only $25! The students are great and in many places you can request any style of massage.

Some schools perform certain massage styles on a rotating basis, so you may not be able to request a certain style. Also, you will not be working with the same therapist on a regular basis.

Most schools do maintain a chart on all clients, so they do have your history on hand.

Massage Envy Clinics

These clinics are staffed by licensed massage therapists. They have a membership program. It is about $40 per month, and you get one hour long massage per month. You can purchase additional massages at the $40 discounted rate. You can also purchase couple or family memberships and get great discounts. Massage Envy clinics are franchised and they have locations all over the US. The clinics are clean and comfortable, with quiet and serene therapy rooms.

Massage Packages

Sometimes you can purchase massages in bulk, so to speak.

Many massage providers offer a package of 6 or 10 massages at a discounted rate. While the savings may not be as substantial as some other options, you will have the benefit of working with the same therapist on a regular basis.

To summarize, there are many options out there when it comes to the world of massage therapy. With a little investigating on your part, you might stumble upon a hidden gem of your own!