Massage Chairs

Massage ChairsEverybody really agrees that health is the most important thing we have in life. Massage has been an important way of maintaining and restoring ones health for thousands of years.
Nowadays technological advancements make it possible to get very relaxing massages from machines – massage chairs that is.
Massage chairs are now able of providing a wide variety of massage modalities and not just the basic functionality that they used to provide just a couple of years ago. Quality massage chairs also allow personalization to the individual sitting in them.
From reading this article you will learn some basic information about what is currently on the market and what you should look for if you want to buy a massage chair.

Maybe you ever sat in a massage chair, one of the “old kind” – they were basically kind of large, comfortable vibrators. It was kind of like sitting on a nicely cushioned washing mashine, shaking your body. This was a bit relaxing and it might have been nice if you just wanted to doze off – but todays massage chairs can really offer a wide variety of massage techniques. For example, many massage chairs nowadays can provide Shiatsu massage, Swedish massage, Junetsu massage, tapping massage, compression massage, kneading massage, rolling massage, arm and leg massage, waist massage, hip massage, shoulder massage and more. Basically, there is a certain kind of massage for almost any part of your body and they can imitate the hand motions of a masseuse extremely well.
High quality massage chairs are also highly customizable. They can adjusted in many ways so that they fit your body shape and size. In fact “adjusted” doesn’t pay proper justice to what these chairs are capable of. The proper wording is more like “custom-tailored”, that’s how adjustable they really are. And if several people share one massage chair, there is no need to re-adjust it every time you use it just because someone else just adjusted it to their body. Because you can create your own “program”, where your individual adjustments are stored in the massage chairs computer and the chair adjusts itself for your body with the click of a button.
However, be sure that you get quality and not just a lot of functions. We all probably have bought some gadgets that could do “everything”, but it was such a hustle to use them that they ended up somewhere in the basement doing “nothing”.
One of the most important parts of a massage chair is the motor. The motor should be real quality and come with a warranty. If your massage chair’s motor is faulty, your massage chair won’t be of much use for you.
In conclusion, let me say that when it comes to massage chairs, you should go for a well-known brand name. A massage chair usually costs a decent amount of money and you want to be sure that you get both a quality product and a quality customer service should you ever need it.

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