Tips and Tricks for Saving Money on Massages

Do you feel like getting a massage but it’s just too expensive? In this article you’re going to discover some easy ways to get very low-cost but professional massages that everybody can afford.

Everybody enjoys a good massage. Massage has been shown to relieve stress, help improve circulation, and ease muscle soreness and tension.

Human touch has long been thought to be an aspect of healing left out of our current medical environment.

So you know massage is good for you, but what about the price? Some health insurance companies may offer a discount on massage therapy, but few if any actually cover it as a service.

With the average hour long massage costing upwards of $60, finding the money for regular massages can be difficult. That’s where this article comes in. Read on for some money saving ideas.

Massage Schools

Massage Schools Massage schools are one of the hidden gems of the massage therapy world. Massage therapists have to go through a rigorous training and certification program to practice as a licensed massage therapist in most locations.

Advanced students need people to refine their skills on. Many massage schools offer student clinics where the advanced students perform massages on clients under the supervision of a massage therapy instructor. The massages are usually offered at a steep discount or for free. My favorite massage school offers hour long massages for only $25! The students are great and in many places you can request any style of massage.

Some schools perform certain massage styles on a rotating basis, so you may not be able to request a certain style. Also, you will not be working with the same therapist on a regular basis.

Most schools do maintain a chart on all clients, so they do have your history on hand.

Massage Envy Clinics

These clinics are staffed by licensed massage therapists. They have a membership program. It is about $40 per month, and you get one hour long massage per month. You can purchase additional massages at the $40 discounted rate. You can also purchase couple or family memberships and get great discounts. Massage Envy clinics are franchised and they have locations all over the US. The clinics are clean and comfortable, with quiet and serene therapy rooms.

Massage Packages

Sometimes you can purchase massages in bulk, so to speak.

Many massage providers offer a package of 6 or 10 massages at a discounted rate. While the savings may not be as substantial as some other options, you will have the benefit of working with the same therapist on a regular basis.

To summarize, there are many options out there when it comes to the world of massage therapy. With a little investigating on your part, you might stumble upon a hidden gem of your own!

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