Massage Mat – How To Chose A Massage Mat

This article will help you to chose the right massage mat for your needs. There are so many different brands and models out there, that it can be really confusing, and quiet easy to make a mistake when decision time comes. Because when you are looking for a massage mat, there are a couple of things that should be taken into consideration.

There are a couple of obvious things, and some that might not spring to mind immediately for massage mat buyers. For example, you want to make sure that your mat has the right size – both in length, and in width.

Most of the time massage mats are long enough to perform any kind of massage, but oftentimes they are not wide enough. This can be really bad for the massage therapist. For example, traditional Thai massage, also known as nuad phaen boran, is a form of bodywork where the masseur or masseuse is moving excentensively. That is why it is also known as “Thai Yoga Therapy” – because rather than just standing (or sitting) in one place, like with many other massage modalities, a Thai massage therapist is moving his or her own body to manipulate joints and apply pressure to the patient’s body. For certain stretching movements, it is important that you have a wide mat to practice Thai massage on, otherwise your body will have to balance it out, and that can lead to work-related injuries.

The thickness of your massage mat also is important – too thin a mat, and it won’t be comfortable for your clients to lay on. Too thick and soft, and it will be hard for you to effectively apply pressure and massage the person.

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