What To Do Before A Massage

Before getting a massage, there are a couple of things you SHOULD do:

  1. Drink some extra water the day before the massage. (But you don’t necessarily want to drink lots of water JUST before the massage, because then you might have to pee and will have to get up during the massage).
  2. Arrive on time for your massage, and schedule your appointment so that you have plenty of time to get there. Don’t get there all stressed out because you needed to rush through traffic – even before a massage, you should be able to relax and “let go” of the everyday stress.
  3. Get a massage directly after your workout, because your muscles will already be warmed up.
  4. Communicate with your massage therapist. If you don’t like something – tell him or her. If you do like something you can also let him or her know. And if you have gotten a massage before and the previous massage therapist did something that made you feel really good – tell your new massage therapist about it too.
  5. If you have any medical conditions, tell your massage therapist before he starts massaging you.
  6. Stretch your muscles after your massage.
  7. Be sure hat you have a eaten a bit so you won’t feel starving on the massage table. But even more important: don’t overeat! It’s best to not eat anything two hours before a massage, and if you do, just make it something light, like a yogurth, some veggies…

Spa Glossary – A To Z by Susan Gans

Here is a really good article by Susan Gans for beginners. If you are not an avid spa visitor and you haven’t really had just much experience with wellness establishments, read it and you will have a much clearer picture about what different treatments are available for you.

Know the difference between acupuncture and acupressure? How about Shiatsu and Watsu? The spa world is filled with a dizzying collection of terms and procedures. Following is a sample glossary, thanks to Spa Finder, to help spa-goers speak and understand the lingo with ease.

Acupressure Used to stimulate the flow of energy in the body, acupressure is a traditional Chinese pressure-point massage.

Acupuncture Administered using needles, a low-voltage electric current, or acupressure, acupuncture is a traditional Chinese healing technique based on Taoist philosophy.

Body Wrap Herbal body wraps cover the client in a cocoon-like form with strips of cloth soaked in herbal teas. Sea mud body wraps use mineral essential-rich mud to cleanse and hydrate the body.

Complementary medicine Unlike alternative medicine which replaces traditional therapies, complementary medicine uses treatments and therapies in conjunction with traditional medicine.

Destination Spa Property that focuses on improving one’s lifestyle, enhancing health, and creating self-renewal in the company of other like-minded people.

European Facial A treatment that includes deep cleansing, steam, exfoliation, and a professional face massage, followed by a mask that hydrates the skin.

Green The buzzword that describes a concern with, or promotion of, environmentalism through recycling, creation of biogradable products, or reducing pollution.

Hot Stone Therapy A treatment in which dark, smooth stones are heated in hot water and then placed or stroked lightly on key areas of the body.

ISPA The International Spa Association, which represents all aspects of the spa industry.

Lymph Drainage A type of massage meant to stimulate circulation in the lymph system to drain away excess fluids and trapped toxins.

Medical Spa These are destination or day spas that offer traditional and complementary medical services including cosmetic procedures, diagnostic testing, and preventative care.

Organic Food grown without the use of chemicals of any kind, including growth hormones, pesticides, and fertilizers.

Pilates Developed by Joseph Pilates, this is a body conditioning program that develops flexibility and strength through controlled movements and specially-designed exercise equipment.

Qi Gong (or Chi Gung or Chi Kung) A group of Chinese self-healing exercises, the term Qi Gong comes from qi (energy) and gong (achievement that comes from practice). The exercises include simple movements, breathing, and mental imagery to relax and strengthen the body and mind.

Salt Glow Used to exfoliate and stimulate circulation, skin is rubbed with coarse salt combined with fragrant oils.

Shiatsu This massage technique developed in Japan uses applied pressure to specific body points to stimulate and unblock meridians, or pathways through which energy is said to flow.

Thai Massage With a client dressed in full clothing, this treatment involves yoga-like stretching and pressure-point massage to release blocked energy, relieve tension, and increase awareness.

Vichy Shower Meant to hydrate the body and improve circulation, the Vichy shower was inspired by treatments in the French thermal spa city. It involves a client lying beneath a spray of warm water created by a five- to seven-head shower system.

Watsu This treatment achieves deep relaxation in the client through rhythmic movements and a pressure-point massage administered by a therapist in a warm pool.

Yoga Aimed at self-development and self-realization, the physical practice of yoga uses positions, deep breathing, and meditation to stretch and tone the body.

Zen A school of Mahayana Buddhism that asserts enlightenment can be achieved through meditation, self-contemplation, and intuition by focusing on one’s essential nature.

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Massage Chairs

Massage ChairsEverybody really agrees that health is the most important thing we have in life. Massage has been an important way of maintaining and restoring ones health for thousands of years.
Nowadays technological advancements make it possible to get very relaxing massages from machines – massage chairs that is.
Massage chairs are now able of providing a wide variety of massage modalities and not just the basic functionality that they used to provide just a couple of years ago. Quality massage chairs also allow personalization to the individual sitting in them.
From reading this article you will learn some basic information about what is currently on the market and what you should look for if you want to buy a massage chair.

Maybe you ever sat in a massage chair, one of the “old kind” – they were basically kind of large, comfortable vibrators. It was kind of like sitting on a nicely cushioned washing mashine, shaking your body. This was a bit relaxing and it might have been nice if you just wanted to doze off – but todays massage chairs can really offer a wide variety of massage techniques. For example, many massage chairs nowadays can provide Shiatsu massage, Swedish massage, Junetsu massage, tapping massage, compression massage, kneading massage, rolling massage, arm and leg massage, waist massage, hip massage, shoulder massage and more. Basically, there is a certain kind of massage for almost any part of your body and they can imitate the hand motions of a masseuse extremely well.
High quality massage chairs are also highly customizable. They can adjusted in many ways so that they fit your body shape and size. In fact “adjusted” doesn’t pay proper justice to what these chairs are capable of. The proper wording is more like “custom-tailored”, that’s how adjustable they really are. And if several people share one massage chair, there is no need to re-adjust it every time you use it just because someone else just adjusted it to their body. Because you can create your own “program”, where your individual adjustments are stored in the massage chairs computer and the chair adjusts itself for your body with the click of a button.
However, be sure that you get quality and not just a lot of functions. We all probably have bought some gadgets that could do “everything”, but it was such a hustle to use them that they ended up somewhere in the basement doing “nothing”.
One of the most important parts of a massage chair is the motor. The motor should be real quality and come with a warranty. If your massage chair’s motor is faulty, your massage chair won’t be of much use for you.
In conclusion, let me say that when it comes to massage chairs, you should go for a well-known brand name. A massage chair usually costs a decent amount of money and you want to be sure that you get both a quality product and a quality customer service should you ever need it.

Massage – Pleasure & Health

Massage is a great way to relax your spirit, body, mind and soul.

Massage can be traced back to the beginnings of human history and every human being has a natural inclination to rub painful bodyparts. The soothing touch of a mother can almost magically make a childs pain go away.

Massage has been practiced in all cultures and nations of the world in every generation of human history, and even with new technologies, nothing will replace the healing effects of human touch.