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Massage Experience – What did she mean ‘Take care of me?’

I blundered into my third class of the day, my shoulders aching and my head wobbling. I had pulled another late night…and the worst kind. This was the kind where I had fallen asleep in my rickety old desk chair and had pulled muscles in my sleep. I barely made it to my desk, I was so sore…and once seated, I was unable to think about anything but getting up again and returning to my room for some advil.

Class was impossible to focus on. Out of two hours and forty-five minutes of class, I spent an hour and fifteen minutes wishing I was dead. But out of nowhere, I received a tap on the shoulder, and little did I know, this tap would change my entire day into something wonderful.

It was a girl, someone I routinely asked for help with homework, and someone who could tell I was not myself today. “Are you tense?” She asked.

“Tense?” I replied, “Understatement of the year.” – “Want me to take care of it for you?”

I didn’t know how to take a statement like that…take care of it how? But in the midst of my thought process, I winced as another twinge of pain went shooting through my shoulder. My answer slipped out. “Yes, please!” Without another word, she positioned herself behind me and dug her hands into my shoulders.

For a second, it hurt like nothing I’d ever known. But after that second…oh, it was the most relaxing feeling in the world. A wave of relief passed over me. I didn’t know this girl particularly well, however, let it be known, I could’ve kissed her at the time.

She dug deeper into my shoulders and upper back, popping a few unhinged joints back into place, and relaxing them once they were there. Where once my skin felt like a prison, I was beginning to consider it a well-stretched blanket now.

Slowly, I sank into my seat. I was almost afraid I would sigh too loud with satisfaction and be reprimanded by the professor. By the time the girl had made her way to my neck, I was willing to trust her with my darkest secrets. That was the power of a massage for me…and, I have to assume, for anyone who dislikes sore shoulders. Suddenly, the class bell rang.

I jolted up in my chair…what? How could an hour and a half have elapsed in the fifteen seconds I wasn’t paying attention? The girl ceased her massage and began to pack up her books. Suddenly, the dream ended, and I had crashed into the hard, bitter ground of reality.

But my shoulders, my neck, and my back were so relaxed and relieved that I felt I could go several more miles without even feeling a sting. I turned to the girl. She smiled at me, as apparently my eyes had said it all. “Yea, sure, no problem. That’s what massages are for,” She said, without me saying anything.

She packed up and left. I remained sitting in my chair for a few moments, and then got up, put my things into my bag, and got up to leave myself. Who was the girl? Well, I was anxious to find that out myself.

But what she did for me gave me the energy to continue my day.

If you, dear reader, have never had a massage to soothe your aches and pains…allow me to be the first to tell you, it’s heaven on earth. Almost enough so to inspire some even later nights, just to serve as an excuse for some massages in the future! Never pass up an opportunity if it presents itself.