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My First Professional Massage

One of our readers sent in this great story about her first massage experience, it makes a really good read. If you also have a story about massage to share, just write down a comment below.

Up until last year, I had never had a professional massage. I had always wanted one, but could not afford to purchase one.

One day, while shopping at a local mall, I saw a new concept store had opened and they were advertising free 15 minute upper body massages. My partner and I went in immediately.

We had to wait a few minutes for the masseuse to finish with his current customer, and then it was my turn. I sat down in the massage chair, facing forward with my knees and arms resting on the pads and my face on the head rest.

I was very surprised by how comfortable this position was, especially because I am overweight and the chair looked like something from a middle ages dungeon.

The massage lasted 15 minutes and it was the most comfortable experience of my life. The masseuse did not talk to me other than to introduce himself. He started with my hands, then arms, shoulders, upper back/neck area, and ended with a scalp massage.

By the time he was done, I felt like an overcooked noodle. I was SO relaxed. I have never in my life felt like that.

At the end, I sat in a chair and waited while my partner got her massage. I rested my head back and closed my eyes. I had nothing on my mind except how good I felt both physically and mentally.

I have since gone back a few times and paid for the massage with this same masseuse. They only charge $25.00 for 15 minutes and it is more than worth that amount of money.

The masseuse has helped me to truly get the tension and stress out of my neck and head, where it seems to settle after a while.

I suffer from panic and anxiety disorder and these massages have helped me in more ways than one. I feel so relaxed after the massages and that feeling is something I very rarely feel, as I am always on edge.

All I can say is that massage has changed my life in little bits and pieces ever since that first freebie!