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How Much to Tip For a Massage

The following article by Nick McDonald I just wanted to share with you, because I get asked about it quiet often. If you ever have gotten a massage, you probably wondered about what an appropriate amount for tipping is. Also, it quiet often depends upon whether you get a massage in a spa, hotel, or a private practice, or get a massage therapist to visit you in your home to massage you there.

So, without further redo, here the article:

Tipping is an unusual experience. You pay for a services then after it is completed you are expected to pay and unspoken amount more. This brings up the question, when should you tip and when shouldn’t you tip? If tipping for a service is customary then should you tip for every service?

The answer is no. In my opinion you should only tip for services were interaction with a person brings the desired outcome. For example, I don’t tip when I get my oil changed because I wait in a waiting room the whole time. The only time I talk to someone is when I pay. On the other hand, I do tip when I am in a restaurant where I have to interact with a waiter. That interaction is what results in me getting my food cooked to my liking and a good dining experience.

So the question is, should you tip when getting a massage? My answer is yes. A great massage is the result of the interaction between you and your masseuse. They tailor the massage to fit your needs.

So how much is customary? This can vary from person to person but I tend to tip 15%, and if I really loved it I tip 20%. 15% is pretty standard in the service industry and is most notably used in the restaurant world. So if I pay $75 for a massage then I would generally tip 11-15 dollars depending how much I liked it.

I’ve never hated a massage before, but I have gotten some that weren’t great. In those instances I usually tip around $5. I always like to tip even if it wasn’t great, because the masseuse obviously put out the effort and it wasn’t her fault that she wasn’t right for me. Next time I just don’t see that masseuse again.

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Massage: What to Look for When Planning a Massage

Massages are a great way to unwind, relieve stress and relax.

Many people find them helpful for sports related injuries, stiff joints, fibromyalgia, and other physical ailments too. There are so many places now offering massages and so many types of massage styles that it can get confusing.

The first question to ask yourself is what type of massage experience you want. Do you want a pampering and tranquil setting where you can relax even after the massage is done? You may consider going to a spa with massage services.

If you have an injury or a specific medical issue, make sure to call the spa and ask if their masseuses have any experience with those conditions.

If you want a shorter, more targeted massage or prefer therapeutic massages, many sports therapy clinics and physical rehabilitation centers either offer massage or can recommend a masseuse.

Tired and stressed after a long flight? Some airports have massage kiosks near terminals! As for the types of massages available, there are far too many to cover here. Some of the most popular types are: Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Shiatsu massage, and Sports massage.

Swedish massage is generally the most well known type of massage, and is what most people envision when they think of “massage.” It stimulates the blood flow and lymph system by using long, even strokes with medium pressure.

Deep Tissue message is related to the Swedish massage and uses the same type of strokes, but with harder pressure and a more localized focus. This type of massage is good for tense muscles, muscle knots and stiff joints.

Shiatsu massage is originally from Japan and relies on “acupressure.” Pressure on a specific acupuncture point is held for several seconds before the practitioner moves onto the next point. These are supposed to be very relaxing and generally cause no soreness the next day.

Sports massage is mainly for people who are physically active, but also for people who have stretched or strained a muscle and people who have a decreased range of movement. This type of massage focuses on stretching and improving range of movement while also preventing sports injuries.

What To Do Before A Massage

Before getting a massage, there are a couple of things you SHOULD do:

  1. Drink some extra water the day before the massage. (But you don’t necessarily want to drink lots of water JUST before the massage, because then you might have to pee and will have to get up during the massage).
  2. Arrive on time for your massage, and schedule your appointment so that you have plenty of time to get there. Don’t get there all stressed out because you needed to rush through traffic – even before a massage, you should be able to relax and “let go” of the everyday stress.
  3. Get a massage directly after your workout, because your muscles will already be warmed up.
  4. Communicate with your massage therapist. If you don’t like something – tell him or her. If you do like something you can also let him or her know. And if you have gotten a massage before and the previous massage therapist did something that made you feel really good – tell your new massage therapist about it too.
  5. If you have any medical conditions, tell your massage therapist before he starts massaging you.
  6. Stretch your muscles after your massage.
  7. Be sure hat you have a eaten a bit so you won’t feel starving on the massage table. But even more important: don’t overeat! It’s best to not eat anything two hours before a massage, and if you do, just make it something light, like a yogurth, some veggies…

Massage – Pleasure & Health

Massage is a great way to relax your spirit, body, mind and soul.

Massage can be traced back to the beginnings of human history and every human being has a natural inclination to rub painful bodyparts. The soothing touch of a mother can almost magically make a childs pain go away.

Massage has been practiced in all cultures and nations of the world in every generation of human history, and even with new technologies, nothing will replace the healing effects of human touch.