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Erotic Massage Confessions

Ok, this is a bit more of an “massage confession”. One of our readers sent this in…

In my younger days I was extremely interested in females: more specifically the naked female form.

I wasn’t the kind of person girls wanted to date, but everyone wanted to be my friend. College life is very stressful and people became agitated, uneasy and tense easily.

I’m almost ashamed to say I began using my understanding of females, their trust in me and their circumstances to gain access into areas a ‘friend’ would normally be denied. Males and females have always come to me for advice and just to vent because I’m a good listener. Whenever I could tell a female friend was tense and if conditions were right I would tell them how tense they were and begin massaging their neck and back.

They always got relief and left much less tense than when they had arrived. Following up on that, I would later suggest to them I could melt away all of their tension with a full body massage. I always planned the massage for the weekend no matter how busy or truly stressed out they were. Weekends provide the most uninterrupted time available as everyone has either gone home or has plans on campus such as a party.

That being said, I would offer the young lady a glass of wine to make her comfortable and then hand her a towel and point her to the men’s shower. I promised to keep anyone and everyone out and nobody ever declined. While they were in the shower I prepared some massage oil mixed with KY jelly for the silky texture.

After her shower and the oil was hot from being held under the hot water we went back to the dorm room. This time to calm myself down, we both had a glass of wine. I had a single room and a loft. I had her climb the ladder to get up on the loft and told her to lay down on her back. I lit a few candles, and turned out all the lights., placed the oil on the loft and climbed up myself.

I turned on some mix of ballads I had made on tape and after warming my hands I would say something comforting and apologized. Usually she would ask what for and that’s when I would reach under her shoulders and removed the towel. Placing both hands in the oil I began to massage her back.

After the first moan I asked her if she wanted to be awakened after I was done. Only a few actually fell asleep but most stayed the night because it was far to comfortable to move. I was a gentleman because losing their trust or friendship would have hurt me beyond belief. I kneaded and pressed, rubbed and massaged their flesh and took great care in giving every part of their body the attention it required.

I paid close attention not to get close to her pubic area or her nipples but I did pay close attention to her buttocks because we spend so much time sitting and nobody ever told me if they minded as I separated each cheek and kneaded the flesh as if it was dough. Depending how she looked of how I may have felt about her, I would ask if I could turn this full body massage into an erotic massage.

If given permission I would exercise my right to touch nipples and the vaginal area, always being erotic and sensual but never sexual. I did however learn that woman can have an orgasm from just having their nipples massaged. Most of my friend came back on a regular basis, but after the first time, they didn’t usually feel a shower was necessary.

Because I knew where I wanted my hands to travel, I insisted, but I allowed them to shower at their own dormitory. Apart from their backs most admitted the part they enjoyed have massaged the most was their buttocks. I always required that they drink a full glass of room temperature water to remove the toxins that massaging muscles releases into their blood stream.