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How Much to Tip For a Massage

The following article by Nick McDonald I just wanted to share with you, because I get asked about it quiet often. If you ever have gotten a massage, you probably wondered about what an appropriate amount for tipping is. Also, it quiet often depends upon whether you get a massage in a spa, hotel, or a private practice, or get a massage therapist to visit you in your home to massage you there.

So, without further redo, here the article:

Tipping is an unusual experience. You pay for a services then after it is completed you are expected to pay and unspoken amount more. This brings up the question, when should you tip and when shouldn’t you tip? If tipping for a service is customary then should you tip for every service?

The answer is no. In my opinion you should only tip for services were interaction with a person brings the desired outcome. For example, I don’t tip when I get my oil changed because I wait in a waiting room the whole time. The only time I talk to someone is when I pay. On the other hand, I do tip when I am in a restaurant where I have to interact with a waiter. That interaction is what results in me getting my food cooked to my liking and a good dining experience.

So the question is, should you tip when getting a massage? My answer is yes. A great massage is the result of the interaction between you and your masseuse. They tailor the massage to fit your needs.

So how much is customary? This can vary from person to person but I tend to tip 15%, and if I really loved it I tip 20%. 15% is pretty standard in the service industry and is most notably used in the restaurant world. So if I pay $75 for a massage then I would generally tip 11-15 dollars depending how much I liked it.

I’ve never hated a massage before, but I have gotten some that weren’t great. In those instances I usually tip around $5. I always like to tip even if it wasn’t great, because the masseuse obviously put out the effort and it wasn’t her fault that she wasn’t right for me. Next time I just don’t see that masseuse again.

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